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Paying for Grace

Rick had always been a gambling man.  As gamblers go he was one of the best.  He always seemed to be able to come out on top.  At least until recently.

Rick placed a huge bet on the most sure thing of all the sure things he had ever bet on in his life.  Due to circumstances well beyond his control the sure thing suddenly wasn't.  What was supposed to be the biggest payout he had ever collected turned instantly into a debt that he could never repay.  A debt that without repayment would equal his death.

Rick spent the next few days in mental agony.  Knowing that at any time someone would be showing up to collect.  Finally it happened.  Rick was walking to his car one morning when the man he had been fearing walked up to him.

"Where's my money Rick?"

"I don't have it Mike."

"You know the penalty for non-payment is death, right?"

"I do, but this is a debt I can't ever hope to possibly repay."

Rick prepared for his death as he watched Mikes hand reach into his pocket.  But before Mike could pull out the weapon that would have surely spelled Rick's demise a stranger walked up.  The stranger stepped right up to Mike.

"I would like to pay Rick's debt."

Rick had never met the stranger offering to pay his debt.  His mind was reeling.  Before he knew it this total stranger had paid his debt and turned around to talk to him.

After a short conversation Rick found that his benefactor was a man named Sam.  What was really strange about the situation is that Sam seemed to want nothing in return for his actions.  He told Rick he simply payed his debt because he loved him.  Rick couldn't understand how someone who didn't know him could love him enough to pay his debt.

Despite Sam's insistence that he wanted nothing in return for what he had done Rick couldn't let it go.  Rick found Sam's address and determined that he would do everything he possibly could to pay Sam back.  He knew he had never done anything in his life to be worthy of what had been done for him, but he was determined to do enough to make himself worthy now.

So, for the next several years it was a common occurence to find Rick outside Sam's house mowing, trimming, raking leaves, leaving money, or whatever else he could think of to do for Sam.  Rick kept track of every one of them.  As he completed each task he felt he was one step closer to earning the sacrifice that had been made for him.  The more he did, even when he didn't really want to, the more he felt like he was worthy.

Many years later Rick knocked on Sam's door.  When Sam answered Rick had a question.

"Hey Sam.  I've gotta ask you something.  Have I done enough things for you to be worthy of what you did for me?  Has it been enough to pay you back for the kindness you showed to me?"

"No Rick, it isn't."

Dejected Rick asked another question.

"How many more things must I do for you to make what you did for me worth it?"

"You have never understood Rick.  I did what I did for you because I love you.  I never expected or wanted you to pay me back.  All those things you think you did for me you really did for yourself.  They were to make you feel better.  They were to make you feel like you were worthy.  I already thought you were.  I would have been happy just to have a relationship with you.  Just to be your friend.  But you were always so busy trying to do things "for me" that you never took the time to get to know me.  Don't you see you took what was meant as an act of love and mercy and made it into something far less?  By trying to earn it you threw that love and mercy back in my face.  You rejected them.  You were trying to purchase something from me which I tried to give to you freely."

Rick's voice cracked and threatened not to work altogether as uncontrollable sobs shook his body.

"Sam, is it too late?  After all these years of being so blind and trampling all over the grace you offered me can we still have that relationship?  Can I still be your friend?"

"Of course you can still be my friend.  Come on in.  It's never too late. You are always welcome here."

Ricks tears changed from being those of remorse to ones of joy as the grace and mercy he had never understood or allowed himself to accept previously finally began to wash over him.

Ahh...beautiful story! Love it!
It is the story of Christ and us!

~Amy :)

Thanks. I hope this story gets lots of hits. I sincerely think there are so many who need to hear it.

What a story to remind us that we can never repay God for all he has done for us. He just loves us, regardless!

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