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The Assembly of Bob

Sam had hit rock bottom. His dependency on drugs had led him to do vile and disgusting things just for his next fix. He knew if something didn't change soon he would die. Yet, despite this knowledge he never seemed to be able to change.

One day a man simply calling himself Bob walked into his life out of the blue. Bob took it upon himself to help Sam break his addiction. At a great personal sacrifice of time and effort Bob's stern love and unending compassion won the day. Sam acheived his desire of freedom from the bondage that had held him for so long. Bob gave Sam a business card with his name and phone number and told him to call him anytime.

Bob had made such a wonderful impression of Sam that he decided he would spend his life trying live like Bob and be an example of that kind of love to those around him. Sam mentioned this new desire to his friend, Will. Will told him that he too had been helped out of an awful situation by Bob, and he was part of a club that got together once a week to honor Bob and help others learn to be like him.

Sam was excited about the club and anxiously attended his first meeting that very weekend. During the meeting someone known as "The Expert" gave a speech about Bob. He was called "The Expert" because he had went to a special school that taught him all about Bob. The speech talked of Bob's greatness and how those listening could become like him. During the speech 'The Expert' referred to a book called "The Book of Bob" several times. He quoted specific passages from the book. After the speech was over Sam asked someone about the book of Bob. He was given a free copy and told that the most important thing he could do as a new devotee was to read this book as much as possible. He was told that it was essential that he attended the meetings at The Assembly of Bob every weekend so 'The Expert' could tell him how to interpret the things he read. Sam was thrilled and ready to start applying the things he learned.

It wasn't long and Sam was heavily involved in 'The Assembly of Bob'. He gave money every week so the club could continue. He started attending extra-instruction classes before the speeches each time he attended. There were club meetings one weeknight each week, and it overall it seemed that "The Assembly of Bob' kept him very busy. But that was alright, because The Expert constantly reminded those who were part of the club that service and devotion to Bob meant supporting the club through attendance, giving money, fellowship, and following the rules. The Expert never said these things blatantly, but it was easy enough to read between the lines and see that these things were the most important aspects to a life devoted to Bob. Sam had even went so far as to have Bob T-shirts and bumper stickers. Sam only listened to Bob music. Everyone always told Sam what a great Bob follower he was because he only surrounded himself with things that were Bob oriented. He rarely even spoke to anyone that wasn't a fellow follower of Bob.

Several years later at one of the weekend speeches The Expert asked Sam if he would tell others there the story of what transpired that had made him become a devotee of Bob. Sam was glad to tell his story. During his story something began to ever so gently tug at Sam. Something didn't feel right. It wasn't until that afternoon at home that Sam began to realize something. When Bob had first helped him he had wanted to devote his life to helping others in the same way. While he had become heavily involved in The Assembly of Bob and really enjoyed it and the company of the others who were also part of the club Sam realized that he was actually doing very little helping others. He wasn't doing anything for those around him. Sam's life had become devoted to a club professing to follow Bob, but actually did very little to actually emulate the life Bob lived on a daily basis. Sam was horrified to realize that he was serving a club and not Bob.

Sam found the business card that Bob had given him all those years ago and picked up the phone. As Sam began to dial the numbers he hesitated. He was scared. He wasn't sure it was OK for him to contact Bob without going through The Expert. The Expert had always taught him how to responsd to all things Bob. Talking to Bob without help was very frightening indeed.

It was a couple of more days before Sam finally got up the courage to dial the number and talk to Bob, though he had picked up the phone and began dialing more times than he cared to count. Finally he made it through. The phone rang and Bob answered.

After a few pleasantries were exchanged Bob patiently listened as Sam explained how he attempted to get to know him for the last several years. Bob's heart was broken as he listened to Sam explain how he spent all those years trying to find him in impersonal rules, regulations, and rituals.

After a loving and heartfelt talk Sam realized that all he had to do to have a relationship with Bob was to go to Bob. Bob showed him that the only way to have a real relationship is personally. It's a one on one thing with no middleman. A middleman only keeps real personal interaction from happening. Sam delighted to know Bob was always there, and the lines of communication are never closed. Over time Sam has learned to have a genuine relationship with Bob free from The Expert and all the bondage brought about trying to live up to someone else's expectations other than Bob's. In the end Sam found that the real expert on Bob was Bob and Sam has gotten to know him very well.
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I appreciate your post very much. However, to really get to know Bob, you must bathe in the right way. I can no longer attend the assembly of Bob because of the way they accept the wrong types of baths. So, I've started a Bobptist Assembly. I hope you'll give up your rebel ways and come join us Bobptists: the TRUE assembly of Bob.



While I am glad you appreciate my post I cannot join the Bobptists. The Boptists don't believe the gifts of Bob are in operation for today's generation.

Spankie - Thanks!

Aaah...I love this story.

Mark, you have such a great way of taking the experiences many of us have similarly had, and create a beautiful story (fiction, although non-fiction at the same time). You have the gift of parable writing my friend.

We need no Middleman. Thank goodness we can go to "Bob" (Papa) directly, due to the Goodness and Gift of Jesus!

~Amy :)
Author of "Orphaned Into Belonging"
Walking In The Spirit

Thank you Amy. I hope more and more begin to see that they need no middleman. I'm not asking that every person quit 'going to church'. I just hope people start to see that church has become the object of worship instead of Christ. Modern Christianity worships Jesus in name only. We have made idols of our churches and claimed that is what is required to follow him.

no middleman!!!!!

Mark R

Mark I join the chant with you.

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