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Prayer Of The Modern Churchgoer

God, I sit in a pew every Sunday without fail
For I'm afraid if I don't I will end up in hell.

I give my tithes and offerings.  I never miss
Because I'm waiting for you to make me rich.

I read my Bible for at least an hour each day.
So I can be arrogant with others in all that I say.

I pray every day for around thirty minutes or so.
'Cause there's lots I need and I want you to know.

I do things for my church even when  tired and sore.
Because one day I want to be voted onto the board.

I also do them so everyone will think I'm a beacon.

If I neglect my family, I just wanna be a deacon.

I'm just a simple usher and that is OK I guess.
But I'm a  good person, and I deserve your best.

If there is anything you need tell one of the pastors.
I'm too busy. It's their calling.  They can get to it faster.

I'm so happy to have found the religion of Christianity.
Because I can make following you all about me.

Yes, this is somewhat tongue in cheek.  But I think there is a lot of truth here.  Far too much to ignore.

Excellent. much is so true within this poem. Yet, I feel sad that it is so.

The underlying core motive I founded threaded through it all - selfishness.

Causes me to think back at how all my "good works" and "doing" and agendas for God were all, quite frankly based in selfishness.

Thank goodness I accepted Papa's invitation to leave Religion and stop being a Pharisee. It is now Father who is building my heart up in Love, and selfishness is slowly being dying. For my heart is to continue to grow in Love more and more throughout life.

Again, great poem.

~Amy :)

Thanks Amy. Your comments let me know that this poem gets across the message I was aiming for. You are right. It is incredibly sad that this is the case.

That is the thing about legalisms and works. No matter how good the deed itself may be when it is done with the purpose of gaining anything, whether it is money, respect, position, or whatever it is selfish.

Your poetry is inspiried and a gift from above ...

I am honored more than you can imagine by that statement. I really don't even know what else to say. It humbles me.

"Because I can make following you all about me."

Well, there's a universal truth.

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