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He Ran To Me

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When I realized I was hopelessly lost in my sin
When I strayed off the path and lost sight of him
He ran to me.

When I've been the prodigal trying to find home
When I've tried to do it myself and felt all alone
He ran to me.

When I ran from him and reached the end of my rope
When my own foolish pride led me to lose all hope
He ran to me.

When I arrogantly forgot what my salvation cost
When he came to this earth and died on that cross
He ran to me.

Thank You Father that despite my continued failings and imperfections you are still always willing to run to me.

Hat tip to KansasBob for the idea for this poem.

We do forget the cost - thanks for reminding me of this Mark.

Love this! I can VERY much relate. He was running TO me all along. I'm glad I finally turned around and ran to His embrace where I am now!

Great poem, Mark.

~Amy :)

Mark - I think we all forget far too often. Amazingly, he loves us so much that he runs to us anyway.

Amy - Isn't it amazing that we can still find ourselves walking away from that embrace at times? And that even when we are that stupid that he is always excited to run right back?

Now all you need to di is set it to music :)

Bob - I would love to find someone who could write music for some of my poems. I could add more, do a little restructuring or whatever. But I am definitely not the guy to compose the music myself.

I'd like to use this in intercessions. Is that O.K.?

Doorman - I would be honored. I would love to hear the reactions too if you get time.

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