My Little Light
just trying to let it shine


I used to pray others would look at my life and see you in the middle.
But looking back now it seems small, I've been praying for too little.

As I go about each day Lord, and I look into each face
Let me see every one of them through your eyes of grace

Don't let me see simply a family member, friend, or even a boss.
Allow me to see the person for whom you died on that cross.

Don't let me see them as a stereotype, an age, or by a vocation
Allow me to see each one of them as part of your beloved creation

Perhaps the best way for others to look at me and see Jesus inside
Is for my vision of them to come through the lenses of your eyes.

About Me

Kentucky, United States
I love to write. Whether it's short stories, poems, or something else altogether I hope you will enjoy them. If you feel so inclined I would love to have you leave a comment on the things you read.

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