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The Parable of The Sower - The Lost Ending

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Below is the recently discovered and previously unknown ending to the Parable of The SowerEnjoy.

Some of the seed was picked up by a very smart genetic scientist, named Modern Christian (MC).  MC found that the seed he picked up was grass seed.  MC wanted to change some things about the grass seed and genetically altered it.

He didn't like having to mow his grass constantly throughout the summer, so the first alteration was to make the grass grow to a certain height and then stop growing.  While this didn't make for healthy grass, it did make it controllable.  Of course MC could care less if his grass was healthy and growing.  He only cared that he kept it under control.

MC didn't want anything else to be able to grow in his yard.  So, the next alteration was to make his grass automatically attack anything else that tried to grow along with it.  Even other grass was unacceptable.  The grass in his yard choked out anything not completely like itself.  There was no concessions made for the beauty of any flowers or trees, they were different and therefore not welcome.

After altering the genetic makeup of the grass seeds MC noticed the resulting grass manifested outward signs of the internal changes he had made.  The grass was no longer the correct color.  The color had become bland and unappealing.  The individual blades of grass became slightly too hard.  It made them uncomfortable to walk on, and forget about a picnic in the backyard.  Sitting on his new grass felt like sitting on nails.

Overall, the resulting grass held very little similarity to what it started out as originally.  Those who had seen how beautiful the grass was before MC altered it would not have recognized it at all.  It served no useful purpose.  Regardless of these facts MC was happy.  His new grass gave him what he wanted.  Complete control without ever having to think about it or work on it.

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