My Little Light
just trying to let it shine

Finding Light

I spent all my life trying to keep my little light lit.
But far too often I found there was no light to emit.

So, every Sunday off to church I would go.
To find something else to make my light glow.

I always left believing I had found the solution.
Just to walk out the doors and find no real resolution.

Each time I fell for the same old bag of tricks.
Hoping against hope for more than a temporary fix.

Eventually I reached a point that I cried out to God.
"If this is all there is to you then my faith is a fraud."

"I've followed doctrine, dogma, ritual, and rule."
"I'm getting tired of being played for a fool."

"So, if your real I'm asking you make yourself known."
"Because my faith to this point has left me feeling alone."

Despite my brash arrogance that was so out of place,
God showed me love by showering me with grace.

As the tears streamed I heard that strong inner voice.
"I have waited so long for you to come to this choice."

"Following lots of rules will never help you one bit,"
"Just follow me and your light will always stay lit."

About Me

Kentucky, United States
I love to write. Whether it's short stories, poems, or something else altogether I hope you will enjoy them. If you feel so inclined I would love to have you leave a comment on the things you read.

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